Sunday, 31 May 2009

FEST Frankfurt Death in Heels by Paul Domineske

Death in Heels is an irreverent look at life and death, in a dark comedy, touching on themes like male-female relations, the role of the ageing in society, and the futility of fighting the inevitable.

NWTC Luxembourg The Lesson by Engène Ionescu

The Lesson takes place in real time on a Summer’s day in the mid-1950s. The action takes place at the apartment home of the professor, in his study (which is also his dining room). The principal actors (the professor and the pupil) remain on stage almost throughout the play, however the maid opens and closes the play.

Stockholm Players Stepping Out of a Dream by Gary Clarke

Two men sit in an apartment. Doorbell. One man, Marty, lets the woman, Felicia, in. The other man, Jack, gives advice to Marty as to how to behave with his ‘date’. After a bumpy start to the date, Felicia goes to the bathroom, where she meets Faye in the bathroom mirror.

At this point we realise that the couple Marty and Felicia have invisible personas watching over them. Later in the evening Jack and Faye meet and fall in love. When the date goes disastrously wrong Jack and Faye struggle to stay together.