Monday, 1 June 2009

Het Homerostheater, The Hague An excerpt from The Pillowmanby Martin McDonagh

One man is interrogated by two policeman.. He is watched by camera. The picture of the camera is projected live on stage against a wall made out of file-drawers.

The man (Katurian) is talented but little published writer with a love for the macabre side of life. He is interrogated in a totalitarian state by the traditional good and bad cop about the gruesome content of his short stories. Initially he doesn’t understand why he is being interrogated. He thinks the inspectors accuse him of anti-state writing. But in reality they investigate a number of child-murders, with a strong resemblance to his horrible stories. Does Katurian act out is own stories, or does he have a copy-cat?

Semi-Circle, Basel Folie à Trois by Sarah Wooley

Three women, Aggie, 70s, Colleen, 60s and Minnie, 35, living together in one house, have chosen to minimize their contact with the outside world. Minnie, the only one who goes out (for essential shopping), returns one day, convinced by a street preacher that the world is about to come to its end.

A series of rambling discussions throws light on their individual characters and family history and culminates in an abrupt end.  Although the plot is dark, there are numerous moments of humour within the piece.

TIE, Brussels The Education of Skinny Spew by Howard Brenton

More details to follow...