Friday, 29 May 2009

AATG, The Hague Him by Anne-Marie Bellefroid

The play examines the relationship between HIM and three generations of women in his family, Nan (his mother), Mum (his wife) and Love (his daughter). Each of them has her own story to tell, revealing aspects of HIM. The play culminates in a shocking climax where Love discovers the truth about what made HIM what he is today (a paedophile).

In the process the women learn more about the complexity of their relations with each other and the man they love(d), each in her own way.

CATS Rheindahlen The Ladybirds by Tony Layton

More details to follow...

ATC Brussels Riverside Drive by Woody Allen

Jim is a successful screenwriter, a typical Woody Allen character. He is waiting to meet his mistress, Barbara, in a secluded spot along the Hudson River to end their affair. He is interrupted by a homeless man named Fred, a surprisingly knowledgeable talker, who is mad but also, has a keenly perturbing insight into Jim's life. Fred explains to Jim that he receives messages from the top of the Empire State Building.

Fred confronts Jim, who as he considers has stolen his ideas as a writer and therefore has stolen his life. But when Fred discovers that Barbara is prepared to blackmail Jim, he decides to help him out by suggesting that Jim murder his mistress rather than be the victim of blackmail and ruin his life.