1 June 2009: Thank you all for making it a wonderful Feats. The results are now available on the welcome page.

24 April 2009: The programme of plays and fringe events is now available.

7 April 2009: The hotels will close their offers on reserved rooms soon, so if you still haven't booked, then please contact to find out more information on the offers available.

3 April 2009: The deadline for submission of entry forms and play information passes, almost all the groups have submitted the full information.

31 March 2009: The technical package is now online - see the Venue page.

22 March 2009: A visit to the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Cultural Centre took place for any interested groups and the festival organisers. Most of the participating groups already know the venue well, but NWTC, TIE and ATC joined us for the tour.

1 March 2009: Tickets are available now online!